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What is eComitee?

eComitee offers you a secure cloud solution for online discussions.
eComitee revolutionizes the development and discussion of texts, in teams and large groups.
Better decision-making together
Written texts play a central role in critical decision-making processes. Using eComitee, you can put these texts, concepts and drafts up for discussion. Together, you can further develop these texts and achieve concrete progress.

Collaborative thinking efforts create better and more widely accepted solutions. Teams and big groups are now able to share and evolve ideas via eComitee.

With constructive digital debates, eComitee creates a new quality of inclusion: engagement of every invited member, without the constraints of time and place.
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eComitee captures ideas
All contributions to, proposed modifications of and comments on online discussions are saved on eComitee. Nothing gets lost.

Concepts can be discussed and improved gradually. Solutions can be iterated step-by-step – from initial ideas to the finetuning of results.

With its practical features, eComitee facilitates the moderation process. The collected information can be evaluated, exported and processed.
This is how online discussions vie eComitee work: 1 – 2 – 3
1. Start a discussion
Open a new discussion with a text or question.

eComitee is flexible. No matter the discussion, you can host it online via eComitee – in public or private groups, in small teams or large groups, using short or very comprehensive texts. Develop and refine ideas together, collaborate on the precise wording and comment on final drafts.
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2. Invite participants
Invite participants to a discussion via e-mail. Alternatively, create and publish a website for registration with a single mouse-click.

Participating is as easy as drafting a note. Work online via your laptop or join the discussion by phone. eComitee-apps are available for iOS and Android devices.
3. Facilitating and evaluating discussions
Different viewing options allow participants to keep track of what is happening. eComitee supports this by sending regular newsletters. Automatic notifications ensure that everyone is up to date.

Merge all contributions quickly and effectively using the evaluation view. Extensive participation processes are thus easily manageable.
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What can I use eComitee for?
Improve teamwork within boards, committees and all sorts of work teams.
Initiate and manage engaging public dialogue.
Make better and more widely accepted decisions.
Make effective use of available knowledge.

eParticipation is profitable for you
Diversity of opinion is a valuable resource. eComitee delivers more information – without the additional hassle and resources.
Moderate complex discussion processes yet keep them fact-based.
Better results can be achieved faster online. Regardless of time or location, everyone can participate online at their own discretion. Participants have more time to think.
Replace in-person meetings. Supplement your meetings with online discussions.
The right solution for every task
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All services include 256 bit TLS encryption and daily backups.
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