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Privacy Policy of eComitee

eComitee respects the privacy of all persons using eComitee or visiting our Internet site. With this privacy policy, we want to inform you about our privacy practices and your choices regarding the collection and use of your personal data. We collect, process and use data in accordance with the Austrian data protection regulations and the legal provisions of the European Union. We take the necessary measures to ensure this.

The information on data protection applies only to eComitee, not to websites on the Internet, which can be reached through hyperlinks to eComitee.

1. eComitee Privacy Principles

You have control over your personal data at eComitee. You are free to decide which personal information will be stored and displayed. We want to make sure that you have the necessary information to make those decisions.

2. Collection, use and processing of personal data

We only store personal data you provide, as well as correspondence and information about your communication with eComitee employees. It depends on the nature of your interaction with us which personal data we collect. The following types of information can be recorded:

Your personal data

By voluntarily submitting personal information for data collection, use and information processing you accept our terms of service.

Contact details - contact details including first name, last name, postal address, telephone number, email address and similar contact information. This includes the contact details of your registration, the information on your personal profile, the texts, pictures and messages you shared, as well as the communication with eComitee employees.

Login data - user IDs, passwords required for authentication and access to eComitee accounts.

Customer Accounts - Information on subscribed services, transaction, invoice and support, services you are using and other data related to your customer account.

Payment data - Billing information and data required to process payments and to prevent fraud.

Social media data - If we provide links to social media to share information in your social networks or interact with us through social media sites, we recommend to check privacy policy and settings on those social media sites to know what information is collected, used, and shared through these sites.

Automatically collected information on your use of eComitee-Services

Website activity data - Information about your visits and activities on eComitee, including the identity of users you have interacted.

Anonymous or aggregated data - By using eComitee, certain data is stored automatically on our servers for system administration purposes, for statistical purposes or for backup purposes. The use of this data is exclusively anonymous.

Information from data sources of third parties

Contact details for invitations - People and organizations buying or testing eComitee services (Pnyxnet contract partners) have the opportunity to invite people to participate in discussions on eComitee. In this case, the first name, the name, and the email addresses the Pnyxnet contract partner will use for the invitation are stored in eComitee in the meantime.

3. Visibility of personal data

Other users can see only the names and the information provided in personal profiles. All users have access only to discussions shared with them. For each discussion and workspace you can recognize whether it is only displayed to a closed user group, or whether there is an open access to it. In the user information, only users taking part in a discussion are displayed. Provided information can only be read by this user group.

All participants of a discussion have the opportunity to copy and export content. The export contains the names of the authors of postings. Other personal information will not be exported.

Managers are designated by a contract partners to moderate and evaluate discussions. These persons have the permission to invite and delete users and process the content of user discussions.

In eComitee, discussions can take place in closed participant circles. These discussions are only accessible to the invited participants. In order to give the managers of these discussions the opportunity to control the participant lists, the managers are shown the e-mail addresses of the participants. All other users see the name and username of the participants only.

If eComitee transfers data to external service providers (webhosts), technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure that the transmission is carried out in accordance with the legal requirements of data protection.

If you provide personal data on your own, we will not use, process or share this data beyond the scope of your consent. In addition, we only pass on your data if we are legally obliged to do so by official or court orders.

4. Security

eComitee will keep your information secure and will take all precautions to protect your data from loss, misuse or alteration. Your personal data will be transferred securely with us through encryption. We use the encoding system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This applies to your purchase and registration. External service providers who have access to data are contractually obliged to keep this information secret and may not use it for other purposes. We secure our websites and other systems by means of technical and organizational measures against the loss, destruction, access, alteration or dissemination of your data by unauthorized persons. For all interactions with us, we also take the necessary measures to verify your identity (such as by entering a password and a user ID) before granting you access to your personal information.

5. Deletion of personal data

Names and email addresses are stored until a user account is canceled. Users closing their accounts decide whether their contributions should be further displayed to other users with their name or will be anonymised. The personal data of users closing their account are deleted after one month.

6. Information

User have the right to know at any time which of their personal data has been stored, as well as the right to correct, block or delete data. We take the protection of your data very seriously and want to ensure that personal data is not passed on to third parties. Therefore, please make your request by email or by mail, by personal identification

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7. Changes

By means of changes to our "Privacy Policy", registered users will be informed via a personal message on eComitee. In addition, the information is published on the website. This way, you can always find out what data we store, how we collect and use it.

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