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eComitee – code of conduct

Better solutions develop, if people think creatively together. To learn from each other we have to exchange ideas. EComitee was created to develop a new quality of participation through constructive online debates.

Please support this intention through your conduct in the online debates. Together we can analyse problems and develop solutions.

We ask all participants to comply with the following rules and declare them to be binding.

1. Respect: Debate with other participants with equal respect. Allow for opinions, requests and needs to be expressed.

2. Objectivity: Explain your criticism of other participants' statements objectively. Claims may be made as well as they may be discussed.

3. Target orientation: Remain constructive and avoid intentional contradictions and ambiguity. Do not obstruct the debate.

4. Compliance: All participants are obligated to comply with the current laws on eComitee. To avoid hate is not a restriction of freedom of expression.

5. Data protection and privacy rights: Please pay attention to privacy, especially in public discussions. Personal, non-public, private information and data of third parties may not be published.

6. Authenticity: Use only your correct name, not a nickname.

All administrators are asked to moderate the debates unbiased, to step in, in case of obvious unlawful postings (hate speech, privacy, etc.) and grave breach of the guidelines as soon as they become aware and to conceal the contents of such postings (text contributions will not be deleted, but no longer displayed).

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